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Woodshed Build Photos

What follows is an unedited and somewhat disorderly photo diary of the woodshed build.  there will be more to come regarding the technical specs of this timber-frame kinetic 11- sided fully rotational celestial observatory.  There might even be a How-to video loaded to vimeo.  Over the next couple of years, the Goonies will get to it with contraptions, secret machines, truffle shuffles, and inlay bedazzlement, not to mention the sound of the thing, and the reading room, and the archive of unknown pleasure.  If you wish to support these efforts, buy a subscription or art from the archive. Additionally, all images on this site are available as hi-res digital print signed by the artist.  Reach through the contact portal of this site and say hi. Love and gratitude to everyone who has helped make this thing happen.

Woodshed Build Underway

The base beams of the woodshed are laid.   Using a chainsaw to carve up 10" by 10" white pine beams, these timbers are tied in to concrete posts with custom metal plates that unify the structure.  

the base plates have holes for thru-bolts that tie the wood timbers permanently to the concrete piers.these heavy 10 by 10 white pine beams can be managed by a single sturdy person.  They are designed so that each one slides down the anchored rod over the previously laid beam.  The first and last beams are distinct in that they account for the order of placement.  The final beam overlaps both the pentultimate and first beam.In this view from the woodpile, we can see that we are almost finished laying the beams!

Kickstarter Premiums are ready!



Hello all you generous kickstarter contributors. You'll be pleased to know that the premiums are ready and will be shipping out at the end of the week. The gorgeous little medallions have a layered gesso finish that is finalized with the oil of my hands. Painted on the surface of these medallions is a never-ending line from the tip of a brush. Additionally, they are made from the scrap of the wooden forms that became the concrete piers. You will hold a piece that formed the foundation of the sculpture.


For those who chose the works on paper as your premium, you will be receiving a pop-up book of sorts that directs your gaze to the center of our milky way galaxy around about the Sagittarius constellation.

This little map gives you a glimpse into the interior of the upper observation deck's structure. If you visit the Woodshed, and I hope you do, this correlates to the actual view southwest in the Summer.



A pogo stick, a campaign, and some Quakers

Out here in Chesterhill, Ohio we are daily concerned with the most diverse things. Yesterday the good wizard Rob Roy brought a pogo stick, which immediately became an object of entertaining sport. Watching artist types do the one-jump hop and drop was a source of enthusiastic merriment, until the particularly sporty Jason Ajemian on his 26th bounce perforated a wooden porch board. Cries of sabotage were immediately professed and a thorough investigation was launched.

Of course, there are other things we make time for out here on the farm.   We have been slowly figuring out how to use the Newtonian telecope and magnetic compass. On Thursday, some of us scraped the mud from our feet, ran a comb through our hair,  and put  fancy shoes on our feet to go sing hymns at the Quaker meeting house. There are some crazy lyrics up in that book to a lewd mind like mine, but kept a lid on my agnosticism for the occasion and it was just fun singing songs with elders.


In other news, we have made a stop motion video featuring a glorious kitten named Gnarles Barkowitz the junior. This entertaining and almost undecipherable video is our best attempt at conveyance of our aspirations for the Woodshed.  More info can be found at the kickstarter site to inspire your generosity.


Foundation Piers, invisible jointery, and a tube fart

Ahoy Gang,

It is insanely hot, so don't yell at me.  I can't even remember my name sometimes, but still the work continues.  The Foundation piers are in place and look fantastic.  heptagonal cap foundation piersThe tops of these poured concrete forms are seven sided (heptagonal) which in my world relates to harmony.  On top of these purdy little columns will sit the rest of the sculpture for which I have been prototyping the jointery.  the blind dovetail binds in all directions but oneThis blind dovetail mechanically secures all the connections, but appears from the outside to be a regular butt joint.  in my special lab notes I call this the zone for invisible poetics.  Now the fun begins, cutting the actual posts and beams.

In and around torquing this stuff out I managed to go to Colorado for some tubing, the wedding of Charlie and Sara and some high altitude dancing.  Well, regarding the tubing, it would be more accurate to say that I was crab walking in a creek for a couple of hours with my fellow tubers.  My rubber donut caught a snag and with a wet sigh I was left sitting on a rock deflated.  My only regret is that no one was around to hear the particularly funny-sounding tube fart.  With my deflated black rubber donut I hitched a ride back to wedding tent and got my life together for the ceremony which was sweet as can be.  The good people there seemed to be moved by the song I played the couple of the occasion, and I might have been the only one who noticed a faint smell of tire rubber everywhere.  Waking up the morning after the wedding in the bridal tent alone the local flock of white ducks waddled me awake with  thier funny little duck clucks. My suitcase was locked away in the laundry room, so I walked around the pond with the silly little ducks wearing yesterday's clothes.  Later that evening I arrived to baggage claim and my suitcase was wide open, dirty laundry, toiletries and all.  What a funny life.  Thank you America.