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Woodshed Build Photos

What follows is an unedited and somewhat disorderly photo diary of the woodshed build.  there will be more to come regarding the technical specs of this timber-frame kinetic 11- sided fully rotational celestial observatory.  There might even be a How-to video loaded to vimeo.  Over the next couple of years, the Goonies will get to it with contraptions, secret machines, truffle shuffles, and inlay bedazzlement, not to mention the sound of the thing, and the reading room, and the archive of unknown pleasure.  If you wish to support these efforts, buy a subscription or art from the archive. Additionally, all images on this site are available as hi-res digital print signed by the artist.  Reach through the contact portal of this site and say hi. Love and gratitude to everyone who has helped make this thing happen.

Light up the Purple Sky

timbers at dusk and what will become the Woodshed

At dusk before a serene late Spring night, I am sitting on the pile timbers that will eventually be a kinetic building for musicians so that they may hone thier songs, and maybe go up top to catch a twirl around the stars.  This is the precise moment when an idea becomes real, and is for each blossoming project the time with the most potential.  None of this would happen without the terrific people at Harold Arts who are making room for me in thier life and who I thank deeply for having the courage and generosity to support the making of such a place.  These are hills where the stars are milk, and the whip-or-wills echo down the evening time, pals are drinking moonshine, and the silence of a falling star lights up the purple sky.

This eleven sided structure, called the Woodshed will enclose a distinct acoustical space.  Additionally, a fully rotating sky-deck will allow comfortable observation of our heavenly rotunda.  More will be revealed as the project unfolds, but for now I can tell you this: the Wood was harvested on the site near Chesterhill Ohio, and milled a couple miles down the road by Amish neighbors.  All the jointery and construction methods are directed toward the creation of a sculpture that serves as a contemplative zone for relaxed creativity, and focused observations of the natural universe. 

pile A