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First HAnd Experience sings songs about the audience.

 Central Mountain Radio "your both trying to take advantage of things lost in transalntion and to produce those things that get lost in translation." -Andrew Choate on Unwrinkled Ear KCHUNG, am RADIO, this ARCHIVE

"The Central Mountain and The Central Mountain is Everywhere" is profiled in this video featuring the audio explorations of Jerome Baez, PUNY, Paul Metzger, Tansitional Species, and more. 


Weird year thanks! from Aurthur Fournrussel from Conrad Freiburg on Vimeo.




the Pod of Absence- facilitating Explorations of the Void


The Pod of Absence is a sculpture that was originally part of It Is What It Isn't at the Hyde Park Art Center.  That show is detailed in the art section of this site.  The Pod is a 7- sided acoustical reverb chamber that serves as a hosting site for interpretations of the void in music and sound.  As a modular recording unit, we have managed to capture some stunning recordings of the varied ways of navigating such a strange request.  As these are processed, they will be made available in limited edition handmade music/art objects.


The Pod of Absence Audio Archive.

the Pod of Absence packed hitting the road

The Pod of Absence is a sculpture for sonic explorations. It is a seven sided unparalleled structure with distinct acoustical properties.  Furthermore, Conrad carries the Pod of Absence around the country inviting musicians and artists to “explore the void in music or sound.”  These open source events are called Empty Sets, and the recordings are now in the vault awaiting the time and care they deserve to be pressed properly to vinyl. In the meantime, this limited edition double disc package will do.  It has an actual harmonograph drawn on the cd and is housed with heptagonal walnut and ash scrap from the making of It Is What it Isn't, a show honoring absence that happened at the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago.


Empty Set Editions with harmonographs

There is an ongoing debate about whether a Pod or a Tardis is the way to get around time and space. We can talk about that elsewhere on this site. Leave a comment on the blog, any ole place will do. Of course the fine people below have been in the Pod and have made it a most challenging and worthwhile effort.  Each Person was given the request to "Interpret the Void in Music or sound"  These recordings show a range of genre's, time, culture, physics, humor, and artistry.  

Empty Set Collaborators include:

Mississippi Gabe Carter

Jason Ajemian

Jake LaBotz

Mrs Hound

Academy Records

Jeff Kimmell

Harold Mann

Jerome Baez

Bill MacKay

Earth Dad

Danny (Blue Ray) Van Duerm

Mullin and the Inspector

Zach Taylor and Aaron Williams

Lee Montgomery

Karl Hoffman

Mike Pare

Tamara Zibners

Elizabeth Cline and Lewis Pesacov

Wise Cub

Morgan Paros

Astro Space Party

Tricia Van Eck

New Capital

Doug Fogelson

Robroy M. Campbell



and more...