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the Aurthur Fournrussel Story Corner, or minute.

The board here at the analogyshop barn have met the most fantastic fellow, namely, Aurthur Fournrussel. We owe him a favor for fixing the gutters on the barn and he has a particular want of displaying bufoonery in public.

Well, isn't this a win-win!  Anyway, the board has other things to tend to such as the rodent that is rotting up the well- water and the shaft that went all catty-wompus when the truck went sideways in the mud slick.  Everybody, meet Aurthur, and say hello in the comments if you like.  Give him a minute, or a corner.


The Aurthur Fournrussel Story Corner, or Minute, (001)



I have been to the seat of the republic for which it stands.

There was a circumcision.

I saw the George Bellows canvases

I saw the atrium of black marble pillars

I walked slowly in the rain.



This has been the Aurthur Fournrussel story corner, or minute, thank you.  tune in next week.